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Getting A Job In Scotland

Finding work is no easy task. It can be a gruelling process at times, and you can become stuck in a loop of sending out the same CV or application to no avail. There are also a couple of key errors…


Trust Deeds On The Rise In Scotland

The latest government data indicates that trust deeds are on the rise in Scotland. But what does that mean for Scottish people? Let’s look at the insolvency statistics for Scotland this year, and find out. How Do the Insolvency Statistics Differ from Those in Previous Years? The government’s insolvency statistics for Scotland…


Trust Deed Scotland employee supports Action Medical Research

 Amanda Hendry, Manager of Trust Deed Scotland has donated work time to Action Medical Research to assist with the fundraising element of their recent Killer Heels & Cocktails Ladies Lunch.  The event raised the amazing amount of  over £30,000 which will help them to continue funding medical research and  make a difference in…


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