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Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland Trust Deed Scotland


It’s now even easier to get qualified advice

Trust Deed Scotland have made it easier than ever with our unique Trust Deed Wizard® It’s secure, easy to use and gets you connected with a qualified advisor from your mobile.

Got a Smartphone?

The Trust Deed Wizard®  is easy to use application that will enable you to find out what your options are. Our experienced advisors will help you through the process enabling you to get advice quickly and simply.

  •  100% Encrypted, secure & confidential
  • Don't know all your debt ? Free credit search to find out
  • Gets you advice quicker and easier


Why people use trust deeds

  • Every year over 6,000 people in Scotland benefit from trust deeds.
  • A trust deeds allows you to pay one reduced monthly payment to your debt on a fixed timeframe, typically 4 years, while keeping your home, car and other assets.
  • During this time, any interest and fees on your debts will be frozen and your creditors are legally prohibited from contacting you for payment.
  • Upon completion of your trust deed agreement, any remaining debt will written off, leaving you debt free.
  • Once your debt solution has been formally agreed you will make one payment per month for the duration of the agreement.


Here's an example of what we can do

See how a trust deed could help you with this simple example. Using a trust deed we consolidate all the debts into one smaller monthly payment over 4 years, then you will be debt free.


Trust Deed Scotland

Personal Loan


Trust Deed Scotland

Credit Card


Trust Deed Scotland

Store Cards


Trust Deed Scotland

Council Tax


Total Debt £20,800

Trust Deed Scotland

Your monthly repayments



written off


* Subject to creditor acceptance * Payment subject to individual circumstances * Credit rating may be affected

Why Choose Trust Deed Scotland?

Trust Deed Scotland help thousands of people every year and is the largest in Scotland for advice on Scottish debt solutions. We are FCA regulated for your protection and specialise in providing free, confidential debt advice with no hidden charges.

We make it easy

Trust Deed Scotland

We can explain trust deeds and the other debt options available to you, such as: the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS); Minimal Asset Process (MAP) and Sequestration.

Trust Deed Scotland

Trust Deed Scotland have over a thousand verified reviews on TrustPilot, with an average score of 98%. We receive such positive feedback due to our industry leading training and ethical debt advice.

Trust Deed Scotland

We cannot stress enough the importance of approaching a company that has the necessary qualifications and experience in this field. Always ensure the company you are dealing with is governed by the Financial Conduct Authority, (FCA).


Experts in debt advice

Trust Deed Scotland

Our credentials have led to several companies claiming to be related to Trust Deed Scotland, in order to attract business. Trust Deed Scotland does not work with any other debt advice companies. Please inform us if you receive any unsolicited communication.

Trust Deed Scotland

Our advisors cover the whole of Scotland and are trained to the highest standards. This includes acting with full discretion and providing non-judgmental advice at all times.

Trust Deed Scotland

At Trust Deed Scotland, we understand the impact that debt can have on all areas of your life. Every year, we help people from a vast variety of situations. You are not alone.


Trust Deed Scotland

How a Trust Deed affects your Credit Rating

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