4 Things Brexit Could Mean For Scotland

what the Brexit means to Scotland

Most people in Scotland didn’t want it, but it’s happening: the UK has voted to leave the European Union. Take a look at 4 things this truly seismic result could mean for Scotland. 1. Another independence referendum First minister Nicola … Continued

How A Trust Deed Affects Employment

how a trust deed affects employment

A trust deed could be something you’re feeling anxious about people finding out about, so here are some clear facts that help to explain exactly how a deed could affect your employment, and what to do about it. What is … Continued

How a Trust Deed affects your Credit Rating

How a Trust Deed affects your Credit Rating

  How Trust Deeds affect Credit Ratings Trust Deeds help thousands of people each year get out of debt but there are pros and cons to every debt solution. The downside of a Trust Deed is the fact it negatively … Continued

What are the Daily Interest Costs of Loans and Credit Cards?

What are the daily interest costs of loans and credit cards?

  It’s easy to get confused by all the facts and figures flying around concerning the interest costs of personal loans, pay day loans and credit cards. Always read the small print and ask questions about anything you are unsure … Continued

Should you use a Credit Card or Personal Loan?

Should you use a Credit Card or Personal Loan?

  If you’ve been trying to decide whether or not to use a credit card or personal loan for finance there are many things to consider. Depending on your credit limit and the price of what you are purchasing, you may … Continued

5 Myths about Poor Credit Dispelled

5 falsehoods about bad credit

  If you’ve never missed a payment you must have a perfect credit score The fact you’ve never missed a payment is definitely better than if you have defaults, however, this isn’t how companies decide how big a risk you … Continued

How to Save Money and Avoid Food Waste

Save money and avoid food waste.

  Are you looking for ways to save money? Love Food Hate Waste report that each month, the average family in the UK bins £60 of uneaten food.  In fact, the European Commission concluded the UK is the largest producer … Continued

Get Your Finances on Track in 2016

Wipe your financial slate clean for 2016.

  There are a range of debt solutions available to you but the first step is to try budgeting to reduce your debts and sort out your finances. There are simple tricks you can try to get the most from … Continued

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