British Economy Likely to Remain Uncertain Throughout 2015

With less than 100 days left to the date of May’s General Election intensity around politician’s current and future policies is beginning to gather momentum. In all elections the state of the country’s finances is likely to provoke much debate and…


Debt levels show no signs of relenting

When the Global Financial Crisis began in 2008 a dark mist of gloom spread across the United Kingdom with difficult times inevitable for most taxpayers. Nearly seven years have passed since the world was plunged into economic uncertainty and rates of…


Are We Destined to a Lifetime in the Red?

With campaigning for the General Election now well and truly under way, the spotlight on the amount of personal debt is lying on the shoulders of the British public is only going to increase. With reports in the mainstream media detailing…


Young People in Debt Rising Throughout Scotland

Austerity measures throughout the UK have caused financial difficulty for a number of groups as the government have cut grants to councils and support streams for individuals. As a result, several people are struggling to afford paying for their food, rent…


Scotland’s Snowballing Debt Problem

We are all aware of the financial difficulties that face a large percentage of our population, but whether we are aware of quite the extent of the problems debt is causing us is a different question altogether. A recent study by the…


The Dangers of Payday Loan Adverts

As Christmas approaches we are all likely to feel financial pressures in preparation for this special time of the year, usually in the form of buying gifts and accessories for families. The anticipated build-up towards this festive season can place an…


Christmas Debt – Will It Ever Stop Snowballing?

As Christmas rolls around once more, high streets all over Scotland become busier and busier as the clamour for presents begins to reach fever pitch. While our hyper-consumerist society provides big businesses with huge profits over the festive season, for the…


Roll-Over Loans Fuelling Scottish Debt

The people of Scotland may have voted against independence in September’s referendum, but even if the result had been different it wouldn’t have provided much in the way of immediate relief to the thousands of people across the UK who are…


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